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PESP Partnership

Learn more about Mosquito Joe’s participation in the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program!

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Natural Treatment

Embrace eco-friendly pest defense with our natural treatment options.

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Perimeter Protection: Take Your Home Back.

Mosquito Joe keeps pests beyond your property lines with our perimeter pest control services.

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Pests, Meet Your Match.

Mosquito Joe treats for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and more. Explore our full spectrum of pest control services.

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Why Is Pest Control in Tallahassee, FL Important?

Florida is one of the top states with high levels of mosquito, tick, and flea populations, and these pests are very troublesome. Not only are they pesky, causing itchy bite marks, but they also carry serious diseases. Residents in Florida face many species, including native and invasive, carrying diseases including Zika virus, malaria, and West Nile.

When bitten by an insect, people risk becoming infected by these various diseases, which can continue to spread after transmission to a human. Insects also pose a health risk for animals because they can transfer heartworm to dogs and cats through their bite.

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How Can Mosquito Joe Help with Pest Control in Tallahassee, FL?

Mosquito Joe of Tallahassee can help with various pest control and extermination services. Our trained experts come to your home and use the best method of extermination for your yard.

Mosquito Control: Our mosquito barrier treatments protect your yard, getting rid of those pesky biting pests for weeks before the subsequent treatment is needed.

Natural Treatment: Natural pest control in Tallahassee provides peace of mind knowing our treatments made from essential oils and just as effective as our traditional barrier spray!

Perimeter Pest Treatments: Biting pests have ways to infiltrate homes, searching for shelter as the weather changes, and Mosquito Joe of Tallahassee can help prevent these pests from entering your home.

Flea Control: Fleas are attracted to moisture and rotting organic matter, and Mosquito Joe is ready to help keep those pesky insects away. Our services protect your furry family members from these annoying and health-hazardous pests.

Special Events: Our mosquito exterminators in Tallahassee are ready to help you prepare for your upcoming event by keeping mosquitoes away so you and your guests can enjoy a swat-free outdoor event.

Why Choose Mosquito Joe to Be Your Exterminators in Tallahassee, FL?

Many Tallahassee homeowners have Mosquito Joe on speed dial and call us immediately when they have a problem with biting pests, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and more. We offer all clients the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which the Mosquito Joe® Satisfaction Guarantee backs – call us within 14 days and we will return to finish the job. This guarantee is one of the many reasons our clients prefer our service over other Tallahassee pest control companies and why they keep returning when needing continued service.

Call Mosquito Joe of Tallahassee for Excellent Service

Are you in need of pest control and extermination services in Tallahassee? Call the team at Mosquito Joe of Tallahassee to schedule an appointment today or request a service quote. When it comes to pest control and extermination in Tallahassee, give us a call because we are the right choice!

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Areas Served

Mosquito Joe of Tallahassee serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at (850) 772-0664 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


Mosquito Joe is so wonderful, it really works!! Before calling them I had tons of Mosquitoes in my shady backyard, and would never spend time out there, now I can go out and relax on my patio!! The people at Mosquito Joe are friendly and professional, and will answer any questions you have!! So glad I found them online!! Thank You, Mosquito Joe!!😊


These guys are very smart & follow through with their service! Robert & Lance are very conscientious.


I've had Mosquito Joe of Tallahassee eradicate my mosquito issues for the past year. I can attest that it works. Robert and his crew are responsive to my requests and do a wonderful job - I would recommend them highly!


They gave me my yard back!!! I bought 2.4 acres this past November and found out this spring that it was tick infested and I would be swarmed by mosquitoes whenever I went outside!!! I’ve been using Mosquito Joe for a few months and there is a huge difference. I’m an avid gardener and do tick checks daily now. It’s been over a month since I have found one! The workers are professional and have great communication. They send out email reminders the week they are coming and call you when they are on the way. I look forward to seeing Mosquito Joe in my yard and recommend them to friends!